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    • Finger Food 1

    • Simple burger

      Simple burger

      *with tomato and  lettuce 

    • Cheeseburger


      *with tomato, lettuce and soft cheese

    • Baconburger


      *with tomato, lettuce, bacon and onion

    • Chicken burger

      Chicken burger

      *with chicken fillet, tomato and iceberg

    • Veger Burger

      Veger Burger

      *with mushrooms agaricus, tomato, iceberg, onion, zucchini

    • Finger food 2

    • Greekburger


      *with tomato, olive, feta cheese and onion

    • Breaded chicken bites

      Breaded chicken bites

      *with mustard - mayonnaise sauce 

    • Big cheese burger

      Big cheese burger

      *with tomato, rocket, cheddar, feta, philadelphia and bacon

    • Special burger

      Special burger

      *with tomato, iceberg, bacon, cheddar, egg and onion


Our finger food are served with french fries and sauce